sara1Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m originally from New Zealand. Japanese mother, Kiwi father.
I work as a content producer in Kyoto. I enjoy story-telling and I’m blessed to do what I love for my job. I’m passionate about photography, fitness and learning about nutrition. My obsessions are coffee and smoothies….oh and New York…oh and beards;)

Why did you start working out?

-I wanted to feel and look great.

-I wanted to challenge myself

-When I was younger, I pretty much only ate fried chicken and gummy bears. I never want to go back to that.

-A strong and fit body leads to a better quality of life.

When did you start working out? 
I’ve been working out for maybe 10 years now. But I would go to the gym, just cycle on the machine while reading a magazine and then be satisfied that I WENT TO THE GYM. I think I only started seriously working out earlier last year. And by ‘serious’ I don’t mean go to the gym 6-7times a week. I mean setting goals, getting advice and figuring out a workout plan that worked for me. At the start of 2014, I set a goal that I will be the fittest I’ve ever been. I can proudly and confidently say I’ve achieved that goal.

How do you stay motivated?
-I follow a lot of fitness accounts on instagram

-Seeing results (Progress photos are great)
-Setting goals
-Seeing how far I’ve come

What are people’s reactions to your transformation? 
People’s reaction have been positive…..well maybe for my mum who is like ‘You know guys don’t like too toned or too skinny’. Ha. Well I am getting a lot more attention, which can be flattering but it doesn’t make me or feel more attractive. That comes from within. As cheesy at that sounds, it’s the truth.

How does being in shape make you feel?

I feel powerful and great. I mean I’m not a ball of positivity 24/7, but I’m proud of myself for pushing myself and achieving these goals!! All very exciting. I feel the sexiest and most confident when I’m working out, eating healthy and doing what I love.
How do you train?
What’s changed my life is HIIT Training and also Pylos (plyometrics).
-I do a 30minute circuit resistance training 3 times a week

-Low intensity cardio 3-4 times a week (walking etc)
-Oh and Weekend Bootcamp classes with Francis;)

What do you usually eat?
I eat clean and mostly plant based. I love how my body feels when I eat vegetables and fruit. I love smoothies and I drink them everyday. If I could, I would live off smoothies, coffee and salads. #dream. I do have a weakness for dark chocolate. I eat chocolate everyday (I can see Francis frowning right now).
What advice can you give to those trying to get in shape? 
I’m no expert but this is what I believe in and what’s worked for me.

Set goals! Your own goals. not goals based on other people’s opinions or wants.

My goal this year is to be ‘the fittest I’ve ever been’ and ‘to wear my very first crop top’. Guess who wore her very first crop top this summer? 😉

Similar to setting your own goals, don’t compare yourself or your progress to other peoples Our bodies are made differently. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. We are all different.

Consistency is the key. This is a lifestyle not a diet (eek hate that word). Do something maintainable and that excites you. And no this is no excuse to slack off. All I can say is that make sure you are challenging yourself and taking yourself to the next level.  That feeling when you’ve achieved something. It’s amazing. And it’s worth it.

Make sure you are eating healthy as well. We live in a world where there’s lots of conflicting information of what’s healthy or not. I try to eat clean and food that aren’t covered in chemicals and made from ingredients I can’t pronounce. This doesn’t mean I don’t indulge either. My diet is 80/20. 80% of the time I’m eating for my body and soul, 20% of the time I’m eating for the chubby little girl that lives inside of me;)


Be patient. Celebrate little wins. Go get it!

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