jadeCan you tell me a little bit about yourself

My name is Jade and I’m from the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Australia.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science and am the founder and owner of Adventure Personal training, a business I started to allow clients to embrace fitness, and their surroundings and to see movement as an opportunity and a way to explore new places and self -limits.

I left my business at the start of 2014 to embark on an adventure of my own in Japan leading active and culture tours around the country and Kyoto.

I love surfing, running, yoga and finding ways to challenge my body and embrace nature.


What do you do to stay fit?

Surfing has been a part of who I am since I was 10 and any sports in the ocean for as long as I remember. I practice yoga, pilates, I love to go trail running, throwing and lifting rocks, climbing trees, playing in the park or beach, snow-boarding, skate boarding, I’ll do anything that involves movement.


What are your health/fitness goals?

Currently I am training for balance, I am on the road a lot so my goal is to be able to listen to my body to provide myself with the ideal workouts. When I have time I would like to do another trail run. Last year, I completed my first 28km and eventually, I would love to attempt a marathon distance. I would also like to get my instruction certification in Ashtanga yoga.


How long have you been exercising?

I don’t believe exercise is hobby you just start. It is a part of living! We have to move to survive and therefore it should be a priority every day. So I have been moving since birth and forever I will endeavour to explore what my body can do, I will learn, I will play and I will challenge myself always.


Can one get fit without attending a gym?

To me a gym is a human zoo.   Movement is free and unscripted and part of our development as humans. I believe you will get the best workout you’ve ever had just by using nature. To run through the sand and dunes, to crawl or climb through caves, to shift rocks, to swim to islands, if you do these wild activities that are accessed without a membership, and four walls of mirrors with artificial air. Simply feel the fresh air in your backyard,  it’s the greatest gift we have for our health and wellbeing.


How do you stay motivated?

There’s sooooo much to see! I intend to use the best mode of transport we have to see it and that is our very own bodies. To live makes me excited. When I am moving I am energized, I am happy, I think clearly. I don’t need to get motivated to exercise because it’s exercise or movement that motivates me to live my life better.


How much of a role does vanity play in motivating you to exercise?

If you nourish yourself from the inside it’s reflected on the outside. I’m one of the many females that love watching the Victoria secret show every year, I love people that love themselves that are confident in their bodies and that work hard to make taking care of themselves their highest priority. If you look good you’re usually living right as well.


A lot of people are convinced carbs are the enemy.  What’s your take on this?

The thing about the fitness industry is that it’s always changing, there are always new studies being done and new findings. Everyone thinks they’re experts. Everything is contradictive. One of the main reasons is because health is individualized; what works for some people does not work for everyone. My advice is always listen to your body when it comes to exercise and what food you eat, and eat as natural as possible. In short Carbohydrates are responsible for energy breakdown and enzyme functioning; they are essential in your diet!


What do you usually eat?

I’m a pescatrian so I don’t eat meat but I will eat fish. Usually I start my day with a fresh smoothie of spinach, fruit, egg and coconut water and oats and berries. Lunch and dinner I include lots of vegetables, tofu, rice (especially in Japan) and I usually eat a couple of eggs a day.


Do you recommend supplements?

No actually, I think with the chemicals that are being used on so much of our foods some of the key nutrients you can find in natural products are being killed but if you try and eat local you can get everything you need to fuel your body. People love to make money and by telling people they need supplements it’s just another marketing scheme.


HIIT or slow, steady cardio?

Do it all! Don’t restrict yourself just do what feels right for that time. Go crazy and bust out a good HIIT. Sometimes I’ll start with a slow yoga and then get excited and it ends up being this great strength session, the same with cardio; get your heart rate up, but play with the movements. This is the best way to get results. Keep yourself guessing, it’s a lot more fun as well.



You exercise on a regular basis and you’re in good shape;  Do you expect the same from your partner?

As mentioned earlier though one thing that attracts me most is a man who cares about his health and who is confident within himself. A partner who I can challenge myself mentally and physically with and who I can go on adventures with is definitely someone I’m looking for.


What advice would you give to someone who is trying to get in shape? 

Find movements you enjoy, to exercise is not a chore it’s a part of life so have fun with it. Your hormones play a huge role in your ability to have a healthy weight so don’t make it a stress, don’t put your pressure on yourself. Get involved with the community or with friends so you can share your goals and keep each other accountable and then make your health a gift to you.

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